How to Create Perfect Basslines

How to Create Perfect Basslines

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Throughout this digital course I’m going to show you a few of my favorite tricks for creating memorable basslines - grooves that support the song as much as they turn heads and shake booties! These are formulas that I’ve developed over 30 years of bass playing, on hundreds of stages and dozens of studios and now I’m gonna show them to you.

  • 3 hours of content
  • 10 lessons
  • 20 basslines
  • TAB's & play-along tracks
  • Isolated bass performance videos

The basslines I’ll teach you cover a multitude of genres from rock to funk, jazz, metal, pop, country and everything in between - and you’ll see pretty quick how you can cross genres with these tricks. And not only do I teach you how to play the lines but I'll also share my thought process and how I came up with them. This is next level stuff for all bass players!

A link containing 13GB of downloadable .zip files will be emailed to you after checkout with all of the included content.

NOTE: This course is designed for players with "above entry-level" ability. However, anyone will be able to play these basslines and read the TAB's.

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