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Ignite Musical Training Digital Download

Ignite Musical Training Digital Download

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Ignite Musical Training is a comprehensive home-study course on Music Theory and Ear Training. Throughout the entire course you will master the following topics:

  • The fundamentals of reading music and proper notation
  • Simple, compound and complex rhythmic elements
  • Intervallic study within two octaves
  • Chord construction (triads, 7th chords, extensions, alterations and inversions)
  • Understanding the concept of "keys"
  • Analyzing and identifying diatonic chord sequences
  • Constructing common (and uncommon) scales and modes
  • Reading chord charts and lead sheets
  • Taking intervallic, rhythmic, harmonic and melodic dictation.

The entire program includes a 220 page eBook, 11 hours of video lessons and 6 hours of audio content. All content is downloaded as a .zip file.

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